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Why Hire 

Robotics Engineer

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Expertise in Automation & Robotics | Our Robotics Engineers are adept at designing and implementing automated systems, which can enhance efficiency and reduce costs for your company.

Expertise in Automation & Robotics | Our Robotics Engineers are adept at designing and implementing automated systems, which can enhance efficiency and reduce costs for your company.


Advanced Programming Skills | They possess strong programming skills in languages such as C++, Python and Java, crucial for developing sophisticated robotic applications.

Advanced Programming Skills | They possess strong programming skills in languages such as C++, Python and Java, crucial for developing sophisticated robotic applications.


Cutting-edge Robotics Knowledge | The engineers are well-versed with the latest advancements in robotics, keeping your company ahead of the technological curve.

Cutting-edge Robotics Knowledge | The engineers are well-versed with the latest advancements in robotics, keeping your company ahead of the technological curve.


Problem-Solving Abilities | Their exceptional problem-solving skills mean they can tackle complex challenges associated with integrating robots into existing systems.

Problem-Solving Abilities | Their exceptional problem-solving skills mean they can tackle complex challenges associated with integrating robots into existing systems.


Versatile Project Experience | With a diverse portfolio, our Robotics Engineers bring a breadth of experience from various industries that can be leveraged in your projects.

Versatile Project Experience | With a diverse portfolio, our Robotics Engineers bring a breadth of experience from various industries that can be leveraged in your projects.


Commitment to Quality and Safety | Their design and testing practices prioritize quality and safety, ensuring reliable and secure robotic solutions for your operations.

Commitment to Quality and Safety | Their design and testing practices prioritize quality and safety, ensuring reliable and secure robotic solutions for your operations.

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Robotics Engineer

 who has deep expertise in

Meet the go-to tools and tech our skilled

Robotics Engineer

use to craft amazing products.

tools | ROS, Gazebo, Matlab
databases | SQL, NoSQL
languages | C++, Python, Java
libraries | OpenCV, PCL, TensorFlow

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Robotics Engineers?

Here are some insights into the cost of hiring robotics engineers:

  • Hourly Rates: Freelance robotics engineers may charge hourly rates. For example, one freelancer charges $81 per hour for robotics engineering work.
  • Location: The cost of hiring robotics engineers can differ significantly based on the region or country. In the United States, for instance, the median cost per hire can vary.

How Much Does a Robotics Engineer Make?

A robotics engineer salary in India annually is ₹5,48,786. Their additional monetary compensation ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹80,000, averaging around ₹48,786. This highlights the potential financial rewards of a career in robotics.

Expanding on this:

  • Career Growth Potential: The field of robotics offers significant growth opportunities, both in terms of career advancement and salary increases, as technology evolves and demand grows.
  • Industry Variability: Salaries can vary widely depending on the industry. Robotics engineer experts in sectors like aerospace, manufacturing, and healthcare may see different compensation levels, reflecting the diverse applications of robotics technology.

Given these factors, it's evident that pursuing a career in robotics can be financially rewarding. The robotics engineer salary study's findings demonstrate the promising salary prospects in this dynamic and evolving field.

Is Robotics Engineer Still in Demand?

According to projections, the professional robotics engineering industry is set to grow by 6.4% from 2016 to 2026. Alongside this growth, the demand for skilled robotics software engineers is also increasing. By 2029, it's estimated that around 19,000 new positions will be created in this field.

Further exploring the future of robotics:

  • Diverse Applications: Robotics technology is poised to transform various roles, from teaching and exploring to assisting in surgeries. This broad application spectrum speaks to its versatility and potential.
  • Innovative Developments: The capabilities of robotics are expanding rapidly as engineers and scientists continue to innovate. This progress promises even more advanced applications in the future.
  • Integration into Everyday Life: Robots are already becoming a familiar presence in many areas of our daily lives, signaling a future where human-robot collaboration is commonplace.

This growth and integration of robotics into diverse sectors underscore its significance as a key driver of future technological advancements. The continuous development in this field suggests an exciting future, where robotics plays an integral role in various aspects of life and work.

Hire Robotics Engineer Experts

Robotics stands at the forefront of the technological revolution, reshaping industries and sparking global innovation. For those fascinated by this advanced field, the possibilities are vast, from crafting autonomous vehicles to developing surgical robots.

Everywhere we look, robots and automation are making their mark. Picture a smart cocktail mixer at your local bar or a self-driving lawn mower in your backyard. These innovations are largely thanks to robotics engineers, who are pioneering changes in every imaginable domain.

If you're drawn to groundbreaking technology or aspire to make a significant impact, robotics engineering could be your calling. Keep reading to discover more about what robotics engineers do and how they're shaping our future.

What is a Robotics Engineer?

The design, development, and application of robotic systems and technology are the areas of expertise for a robotics engineer. These engineers design machines that can operate either fully or partially autonomously by combining the fields of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.

The full lifecycle of a robotic system, from conception and design to programming, testing, and deployment, is handled by robotics engineers. They might work on a variety of projects, such as consumer electronics, driverless cars, medical robots, and industrial automation. 

Robotics engineer experts work on advancements that could revolutionise industries, enhance everyday life, and propel automation and intelligent systems in the future as the area of robotics develops.

What is the Role of a Robotics Engineer?

What does it take to design and build a robot? Robotics is a multifaceted branch of engineering that blends mechanics, electronics, computer science, and even cognitive psychology. 

Robotics software engineers do more than just construct the physical robot; they also program it to think, act, and solve problems. When a robot malfunctions or needs upgrades, these engineers are often the first to tackle the issue.

The role of a robotics engineer spans the entire lifecycle of a robotics project. Initially, they might work with clients and other team members to define the project’s scope and brainstorm potential robot designs.

Then comes the prototyping phase, where they design, test, and refine based on feedback and any issues that arise. The design process typically involves artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering, and computer programming. 

After building the robots or robotic systems, engineers are responsible for providing technical support and troubleshooting post-deployment problems.

Effective teamwork and communication are essential in robotics engineering. These professionals must collaborate, accept feedback, and clearly convey ideas to all involved parties. 

In addition to their technical duties, some engineers may also handle project management tasks like budgeting and documentation, ensuring the smooth progression of the project from conception to completion.

What are the Required Robotics Engineer Skills?

There are a few robotics engineer skills you need to have in order to work as a robotic engineer. These abilities will help you succeed in robotics engineering and lead to many other career options. The following are the top competencies needed to work as a robotic engineer:

  • Problem-Solving Ability: In order to design and construct technically sound systems, robotics software engineers must possess a high degree of problem-solving ability. They need to be able to decipher challenging issues and devise original solutions.
  • Cooperation: Working in teams is a common requirement in robotics engineering. To work with colleagues and make a positive impact on projects, one must possess strong communication skills and be a team player.
  • Creativity: Another important trait for a robotic engineer to possess is creativity. It enables them to create original robotic systems and come up with creative solutions.

Strong communication abilities, both in writing and speaking, are essential robotics engineer skills. You frequently have to communicate with clients as part of your regular responsibilities and explain the technical details and operation of the robotic equipment.

What are the Technical Skills Required for Robotics Engineers?

A successful career in robotics engineering requires a strong foundation in both science and mathematics. Understanding the formulas and equations used in robotics requires a background in mathematics, including calculus, algebra, and other subjects. 

Robotics engineers must be proficient programmers. Programming knowledge in languages like Python, C++, or Java is required for creating software and procedures that control how robotic systems operate.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Apple hire robotics engineer experts?

Apple's Special Projects Group is seeking an experienced robotics or systems engineer. The role, titled Autonomy Systems Engineer, primarily involves verification and validation tasks. This opportunity is ideal for professionals with a background in robotics engineering, offering a chance to work on cutting-edge autonomous systems. 

The position focuses on ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of these systems, playing a critical role in the development of Apple's innovative projects. This is a unique chance to contribute to groundbreaking technology in a dynamic, forward-thinking environment.

2. Is there a high demand for robotics engineer experts?

The robotics industry is growing at a remarkable pace. According to Zion Industry Research, the value of the industrial robots sector is expected to soar to $81.4 billion by 2028. This impressive growth marks a significant increase from its 2021 valuation of $41.7 billion. 

This trend highlights the rapid advancements and increasing adoption of robotics technology across various industries, reflecting its vital role in modern automation and manufacturing processes.

3. What is the #1 best-paying job?

Software engineers are among the top earners in the robotics field. Their job entails designing, integrating, and regularly updating the software that operates these machines. 

This role is crucial as it involves working with complex programming languages to ensure the robots function efficiently and effectively. These engineers play a key role in advancing robotics technology, making them highly valued in this rapidly evolving industry.

4. Which field is best for robotics?

If you're keen on a career in robotics, pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering is an excellent choice. This field is notably multidisciplinary, blending concepts from control systems, electronics, and mechanics. 

As a robotics engineer specialist, you'll apply this diverse knowledge to design, build, and test various mechanical devices. Your skills will be crucial in developing innovative robots that can perform a range of tasks, making mechanical engineering a foundational stepping stone into the dynamic world of robotics.

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Experience ClanX

ClanX is currently in Early Access mode with limited access.

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Robotics Engineer

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When it comes to hiring the top

Robotics Engineer

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Robotics Consultant | Robotics Consultants evaluate your company's needs and deploy tailored robotic solutions. For example, they might assess manufacturing processes for automation potential.

Robotics System Designer | They expertly craft the architecture of robotic systems for tasks like assembly line automation or customer service robots.

Robotics Research and Development Engineer | Such engineers lead innovation in developing new robotic applications, possibly for medical robotics or autonomous vehicles.

Robotics Programmer | Specializing in writing and testing code, these programmers enable robots to perform complex tasks with precision, such as advanced manufacturing or intricate surgical procedures.

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Still Curious? These might help...

What expertise do Robotics Engineers from ClanX offer? | Our Robotics Engineers specialize in building and programming autonomous machines, bringing innovations that can automate and streamline your operations.

How can hiring a Robotics Engineer benefit our manufacturing process? | Integrating robotics solutions can significantly increase the precision and speed of your production line, resulting in improved efficiency and higher output.

What industries can Robotics Engineers from ClanX contribute to? | They have a wide range of experience in industries such as automotive, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.

What is the role of a Robotics Engineer in product development? | They can lead or assist in the design and creation of robotic systems that add value to your product offerings, ensuring you stay competitive in the market.

How do Robotics Engineers ensure the safety of robotic systems? | Our engineers rigorously test robotic systems to meet safety standards, mitigating risks associated with automation.

Can ClanX Robotics Engineers customize robots for specific tasks? | Yes, they are skilled at programming and adapting robots for customized tasks, aligning with your unique business needs.

Do Robotics Engineers from ClanX help in reducing operational costs? | Implementing automation solutions designed by our experts can reduce labor costs and enhance productivity, leading to significant cost savings.

What is the typical timeline for deploying a robotics solution with ClanX? | The timeline can vary based on project complexity but our engineers are committed to meeting your deadlines with swift and efficient deployments.


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