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For Companies

ClanX brings elite product builders like engineers, designers and product managers together as cloud-based teams and matches them with high growth companies that have challenging problem statements to work on.

ClanX radically simplifies the process of hiring remote engineers, designers, product managers and product teams. We simplify the entire hiring process by sourcing, vetting, and matching you with remote tech talent deliver and you can rely on:

Our customers love our:
1. Hassle free hiring experience
2. Speed to hire (Hi to Hired in 48 hours)
3. Proprietary vetting process
4. Best in class network of reliable world class talent

For Talent

The ClanX network primarily focuses on large, complex technology and design projects spanning software, machine learning, data analytics, and related functions. Examples might include optimising supply chain or real time fraud detection or large scale data processing or it could be building a team 4 full-stack engineers for a logistics company.

Here are the reasons why you should join ClanX:
1. Challenging problem statements to work on
2. Lucrative pay
3. Access to global companies
4. Thriving community
5. Complete remote / Work from anywhere
6. No back and forth negotiating terms with companies. We take care of everything on your behalf.

If you think you have what it takes to solve challenging problem statements and you have a proven record of shipping stuff at scale, we welcome you to be a part of our ClanX.

Software Engineering Discipline
: Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack and Mobile (iOS, Android, Hybrid), Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Web3 Engineer.
Design Discipline:  UI Designer, UX Designer, Motion Designer, Interaction Designer, UX Researcher.
Product Management Discipline: Experience working across different industries like logistics, healthcare, insurance, education, finance etc etc

Join the ClanX network, even if you don't exactly meet the criteria mentioned before. Get access to remote job options, a resume builder, salary insights, and exciting virtual events for developers. We'll keep you posted as we feature similar developers. Your journey to new opportunities starts here!

Some of the companies who use ClanX to hire software engineers, UI/UX designers and product managers include Disney, ESPN, Good Glamm Group, Integry, and many more. We also work with many other global tech and product companies and high growth startups.

No, ClanX is completely free for elite talent, you just have to meet the bar. There is no cost to use the platform. And there is no cost to you when you get matched with a company or become a part of their team.

Most of the talent that come to ClanX are seeking full-time, long-term work so they can commit from a long term perspective . Moreover, challenging problem statements require full time and long term committment from the talent.

ClanX matches software engineers and other talent with opportunities aligned with their skills, career goals, and aspirations. With a proactive approach, ClanX is able to help all developers experience rapid career growth through several activities like mentorship, upskilling as well as a vibrant developer community.

At ClanX, we stand out from other marketplaces because we're all about you. We focus on helping you build a meaningful career by connecting you with opportunities that truly resonate with your skills and aspirations. Unlike traditional platforms, we're not just about jobs – we're about crafting a path that aligns with your unique journey. With us, you're not just another talent; you're an essential part of a network that values your growth and success. Join us, and experience the difference firsthand.

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