Refer companies, earn a share of ClanX’s fees.

Love working with ClanX? Spread the word and get rewarded! If you've teamed up with us or just believe in our mission, become a ClanX Ambassador.

Refer new companies to us and earn 10% from our first-year fees for each referral. It's our way of saying thanks for sharing the ClanX spirit.

Why we partner with Ambassadors

We pair high-growth companies with the world's best talent. Our network grows through referrals, that's why we started the ClanX Ambassador program.

Today, ~70% of the companies we work with have come through the recommendation of a customer or a friend who knows us well.

Since our growth is fuelled by recommendations, we created this ambassador program for you!

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What makes an ideal Ambassador

We value authentic endorsements, which is why our ambassador program is exclusive to those who truly understand ClanX. Our ambassadors are typically:



of ClanX who have experienced ClanX’s impact, and want to help fellow founders & CXOs reach next level.



familiar with ClanX or our founders, keen on assisting their fellow entrepreneurs.


Investors or Partners

acquainted with ClanX, potentially with portfolio companies already thriving with our partnership.

How it works


Get started as an Ambassador by completing this form with your details and company information.

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You can refer companies to ClanX in one of two ways.


1 .  Considering someone for a referral?

We follow a mutual consent process — before making an introduction, we ensure both sides are agreeable. Please send us the LinkedIn profile URL of your referral prospect (to for our initial review. Then, get confirmation from the potential referral to gauge their interest in connecting with ClanX. Once there's a green light from both, you can go ahead and introduce us!

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2 .  Got a wide circle of contacts?

We'll equip you with a tool to pinpoint which of your LinkedIn connections could benefit from partnering with ClanX.

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Introduce a VC-backed company to ClanX, and if they join us, you'll receive 10% of our fees for their first year!

That's about $150 per month for each hire they make, continuing until the first anniversary of their partnership with ClanX.


Ready to help companies build their tech squads?