Top 6 Alternatives & Competitors to Turing: Making an Informed Decision

Are you looking for the best platforms to hire remote developers in 2024? In this blog post, we will compare 6 of the best Turing alternatives that offer access to global talent, fast and easy hiring, cost-effective rates, and flexible contracts. Whether you need a full-stack developer, a data scientist, a mobile app developer, or any other IT specialist, these platforms can help you find the right match for your project.

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Planning to build a remote team? 

Probably you must have stumbled across Turing as the best option for hiring remote developers. But wait a second.

With a limited hiring pool resulting in a shortage of developers who are proficient with new skill sets and expensive pricing, Turing doesn't seem to be your go-to alternative if you are looking for cost-effective solutions or  alternative to Turing for building remote teams. 

If you are trying to find cost-effective solutions with a large talent pool for developing your remote teams look no further. This article lists the features, pros, and cons,pricing of the best Turing alternatives for hiring Remote Developers.

1. ClanX

ClanX helps growing companies find, build, and manage elite tech teams

Why outsource? 

Growing companies need to build efficient software to scale their business. But outsourcing the software development process is very complex and often fails. The current system is broken and unreliable. Most SMEs and SMBs fail to build software by outsourcing. 

They face many challenges such as finding the right talent, managing the project, ensuring quality, and staying within budget. Outsourcing can also be risky, as you may lose control over your intellectual property, data security, and customer satisfaction.

How does ClanX work? 

  • You can choose from a pool of vetted and experienced builders who have worked on similar projects before. ClanX also keeps your budget low and your quality high. 
  • ClanX handles the hiring of remote builders quickly and easily. You only pay for the hours worked by the builders. ClanX takes care of compliance and support. 
  • ClanX provides you with a dedicated project manager who oversees the entire process and ensures timely delivery and satisfaction.
  • ClanX also gives you full visibility and control over your project, as you can track the progress, communicate with the builders, and review the code anytime.

What are the benefits?

ClanX makes outsourcing simple and effective. You can focus on your core business while ClanX manages your tech team. You can save time and money while getting the best results. You can access a global pool of talent and skills. 

ClanX also helps you protect your intellectual property, data security, and customer satisfaction, as they follow strict confidentiality and quality standards.

Who is ClanX for? 

ClanX is for any company that wants to build software without the hassle of hiring and managing developers. Whether you need a website, a mobile app, a web app, or any other software solution, ClanX can help you find the right builders for your project. 

ClanX is especially suitable for SMEs and SMBs who have limited resources and time, but still want to create high-quality software and prove the best Turing alternative. 

ClanX can also help startups and entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas but lack the technical expertise to execute them.

World’s top companies use ClanX to build AI enabled products to transform their business — expertly executed in weeks, not months.

Features of ClanX:

1. Fast and easy hiring process:

  • You can hire the best builders for your project within 48 hours. 
  • ClanX handles the screening, matching, and onboarding of the builders. 
  • You just need to tell them your project requirements and budget. 
  • ClanX makes hiring hassle-free and convenient.

2. Top-tier tech talent:

  • ClanX has a pool of diverse and skilled builders who have worked at leading tech companies such as MAANG (Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) and others. 
  • ClanX selects only the top 1% of the applicants who pass their rigorous tests and interviews.
  • ClanX ensures that you get the best talent for your project.

3. No upfront cost or subscription:

  • ClanX does not charge you any minimum fee or subscription retainer. 
  • You only pay for the hours worked by the builders. 
  • ClanX offers transparent and flexible pricing that suits your needs and budget. 
  • ClanX also provides you with invoices and reports to track your spending.

4. Proven track record: 

  • ClanX has worked with some of the best companies in the world such as Tata, Airtel, Prodigal, Loch, and more. 
  • ClanX has delivered high-quality software solutions for various domains and industries. 
  • ClanX has received positive feedback and testimonials from their clients. 
  • ClanX has a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Pros of ClanX:

1. Personalised approach to hiring talent: 

  • ClanX also considers the growth potential of both the talent and the project. 
  • ClanX helps talent find projects that suit their interests, goals, and aspirations. 
  • ClanX helps projects find talent that can add value, innovation, and creativity. 
  • ClanX creates a win-win situation for both the talent and the project.

2. Rigid vetting process: 

  • ClanX has a five-level screening process that filters out the best talent from thousands of applicants. 
  • ClanX tests the talent on both their technical and soft skills. 
  • ClanX uses Silicon Valley caliber assessments that measure the talent’s coding ability, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and work ethic. 
  • ClanX ensures that only the top 1% of the talent passes their vetting process and joins their platform.

3. Full-time opportunities and long-term commitments:

  • ClanX is not a platform for freelancers or gig workers. 
  • ClanX is a platform for professionals who are looking for stable and rewarding careers. 
  • ClanX prioritizes developing full-time opportunities and long-term work commitments between talent and the company. 
  • ClanX helps talent find companies that offer them growth, learning, and development.
  • ClanX helps companies find talent that can stay with them for the long haul and contribute to their success.

4. Complex technology and design projects:

  • ClanX is a platform for builders who love challenges and innovation. 
  • ClanX focuses on working on highly complex technology and design projects that span across various verticals such as software, machine learning, data analytics, and more. 
  • ClanX helps talent find projects that push their boundaries and test their skills. 
  • ClanX helps projects find talent that can deliver cutting-edge solutions and products.

Cons of ClanX:

  • ClanX refrains from including freshers within their talent pool. ClanX focuses on hiring tech professionals with prior work experience.
  • ClanX focuses on building long-term relationships between the talent and the client. They refrain from providing tech talent based on a pay-per-hour model.

Pricing of ClanX:

You can book a callback with a team advisor from ClanX by filling in your details and project specifications. The ClanX team will contact you and help you build your remote teams. 

The ClanX calculator provides you with an estimated expenditure of hiring from ClanX while comparing the costs with the traditional model of hiring.

2. CodersLink

Where tech talent meets world-class opportunities

CodersLink provides recruitment and staffing solutions to businesses within the IT domain. They help businesses scale their projects with the help of Latin American tech talent. CodersLink boasts a talent pool of 25,000+ developers who are seeking long-term engagements. 

Apart from handling recruitment and vetting processes, CodersLink manages payroll management and talent performance support. 

The hiring process of CodersLink prioritizes a human-centric approach where they ensure that the candidate's technical skills and soft skills match the needs of the business i.e., it is the best turing alternative. 

CodersLink follows a five-step process while recruiting developers for businesses which is as follows:

  • The business provides a profile of an ideal candidate that they are looking forward to hiring.
  • CodersLink searches for developer candidates that match the expectations of the business.
  • They send a list of ideal candidates to the business and arrange interviews with the business.
  • The candidates are interviewed and selected by the business.
  • Further CodersLink handles various aspects of the on-boarding process such as payroll management, training, and guidance to ensure optimum output.

Features of CodersLink:

  • Gateway to a massive pool of vetted tech talent from Mexico and Latin America.
  • Drastic decrease in time and resources utilized for hiring compared to hiring from traditional models of hiring.
  • Customised solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of the company or the specific project.
  • Transparent approach towards pricing, charges, and availability of tech talent.

Pros of CodersLink:

  • CodersLink provides premium quality talent to businesses by ensuring that the candidate goes through soft skills and technical skills-based evaluations. They also ensure that the talent is the right cultural fit for the business.
  • CodersLink matches developers with the needs of the company using human linking experts. These experts match the developers by comparing the stated project criteria with the background and proficiency of each talent.
  • CodersLink ensures that their talent can easily transition and integrate themselves within the new project team by providing the talent with onboarding and performance support.

Cons of Coderslink:

  • CodersLinks specifically narrows down its talent pool to Latin American developers. It's an expensive hire because the average hourly rate of a Latin American developer is between $25-$50 per hour which is costlier compared to their Asian counterparts. 
  • Latin America has transitioned into a hotspot for outsourcing. Due to heavy demand, there's a situation wherein we have excessive demand and low supply. Within such circumstances, the chances of finding quality talent are much narrower.

CodersLink Pricing:

CodersLink doesn't mention its pricing and fee structure but claims to provide competitive rates and flexible options for payment. 

If you want to get a quote of the estimated cost of hiring you need to fill a form wherein you will explain your project and your ideal candidate profile. 

CodersLink will revert back with a customized package taking into account your needs.

3. EliteBrains

Matching elite developers with tech companies 

EliteBrains is a remote hiring platform that helps freelance software developers connect with tech companies. They claim to maintain a worldwide network of 8300+ developers handpicked by EliteBrains through their extensive vetting process.

EliteBrains follows a four-phase vetting process for incorporating developers within their talent pool which involves resume review followed by coding challenges that test the problem-solving capabilities of the candidate ie., it is the best turing alternative. 

This is followed by an interview with a senior developer who evaluates the code quality of the candidate and their communication and collaboration skills. Lastly, the candidate develops a real-world project to demonstrate their technical capabilities with real-life projects.

Features of EliteBrains:

  • EliteBrains possesses a talent pool consisting of elite developers who are experienced in various technologies and domains.
  • A dedicated vetting process is designed to test the skills of the developer through a holistic approach. Theoretical knowledge, programming capabilities and communication skills possessed by the developer are analysed with the help of the vetting process.
  • EliteBrains dedicates a tech expert within the client servicing team who communicates with the client and understands their needs and expectations. Further, they use an account manager who handles the communication, and coordination between the developer and the client.
  • EliteBrains provides developers working within various capacities such as part-time, full-time or pay-per-hour basis.

Pros of EliteBrains:

  • EliteBrains maintains a network of remote developers from different regions around the world. The professional caliber of this talent is accessed with the help of online technical skills and a rigorous screening process i.e., it is the best turing alternative.
  • EliteBrains provides businesses with options to hire developers within multiple capabilities such as part-time, and full-time. They allow you to hire remote developers for short-term projects or long-term assignments depending on the expectations of the business.
  • EliteBrains charges a flat rate of 15% of the hourly rate of the developer. Compared to platforms that charge around 30% EliteBrains is an affordable option.

Cons of EliteBrains:

  • EliteBrains functions as a closed-market platform where businesses don't have the option to browse through the profiles of developers. They have to be completely dependent on the matching algorithm and screening process of EliteBrains.
  • EliteBrains focuses on web and mobile development. Businesses looking for talents within other domains such as design, product management, etc. have to go to other platforms.

EliteBrains Pricing:

EliteBrains utilizes a transparent process towards pricing. They charge 15% of the hourly rate of the developer. If the hourly rate of the developer is $25 per hour, EliteBrains will charge the business $28.7 per hour. The fee charged by EliteBrains covers various costs such as sourcing, screening, vetting, etc.

4. Micro1

Helping companies hire and manage the best software engineers easily

Micro1 helps companies with hiring and management of the best software engineers around the globe. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to source engineers and match them with companies. Micro1 ensures strict vetting standards ensuring that the top 1% developers are a part of their talent pool.

Micro1 removes the burden of companies by managing the legal compliances associated with international hiring. They handle the payroll, benefits, and various administration and management-based aspects related to hiring i.e., it is the best turing alternative.

Features of Micro1:

  • Micro1 follows a rigorous vetting process ensuring the top 1% of professionals join the tech talent pool. Further, they specifically focus on certain technologies such as React, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js. 
  • Micro1 utilizes a proprietary algorithm that analyses the requirements of the project and matches it with ideal developer candidates. Companies can also browse through the profiles of the candidates and request interviews with ideal candidates.
  • Micro1 provides a virtual dashboard and an account manager to ensure the successful completion of the project. These tools allow the company to look into the progress of the project and give appropriate feedback.
  • Micro1 ensures that the intellectual property rights of the project are completely safeguarded. Before the onset of the project, the professionals associated with the project have to sign NDA agreements and various confidentiality causes safeguarding the privacy of the project.

Pros of Micro1:

  • Micro1 gives you access to world-class talent while specifically focusing on certain skills. Companies looking forward to working with elite professionals in certain domains can gain access to the diverse talent pool of Micro1.
  • Micro1 guarantees work-life balance to developers within their talent by providing them with a range of benefits such as competitive salaries, insurance and paid vacations. This ensures employees working within your organisation are much more productive ensuring optimum outputs.
  • Micro1 specifically focuses on client satisfaction by collecting feedback and reviews daily. They use these reviews to improve their services, matching algorithms and various features i.e., it is the best turing alternative.

Cons of Micro1:

  • Micro1 sources talent from a very restricted talent pool. While hiring from a small talent pool companies might not have a variety of choices for their product development needs. Further elite developers are expensive due to which the company budgets are strained.

Micro1 Pricing:

Micro1 offers a 7-day free trial before billing. The pricing is based on the total number of hours worked by the developer. The hourly rates vary based on the skill sets and experience of the developer. T

To get a quote by Micro1 customized within their needs you can contact them through their website.

5. Superside

Design at scale for ambitious brands

Supersize helps ambitious brands scale their creative process by providing design services at scale. They provide their clients with a dedicated creative team consisting of a creative director, a project manager, and a team of creatives.

Supersize claims swift execution of projects with the help of elite creative teams. Supersize ensures that the top 1% of talent is a part of the team with the help of a rigorous vetting process. 

The four-step vetting process involves a resume check and submission of a design portfolio. This is followed by a screening test wherein the designer's quality and skills are assessed i.e., it is the best turing alternative. Further designers have to execute a test project followed by an interview. 

Features of Superside:

  • Superside provides end-to-end solutions for a wide range of design services such as social media creatives, web design, AR/3D marketing solutions, motion design, etc.
  • Superside follows a rigorous vetting process ensuring elite developers are a part of the creative teams. Designers from varied backgrounds around the globe within a single team ensure quality work with multiple perspectives.
  • Superside provides a purpose-built technology platform that enables seamless collaboration and communication followed by feedback from multiple stakeholders in the project. 

Pros of Superside:

  • Superside allows you to conserve a lot of time and resources associated with dealing with multiple agencies. They save up to 60% of operational costs compared to working with in-house agencies.
  • Superside promises flexibility and scalability by providing multiple subscription-based models well suited to your budget and expectations.

Cons of Superside:

  • The overall interface of Superside is highly clunky and looks outdated. Various users have reported problems such as the inability to upload files, and track project progress with developers.
  • The onboarding process of Superside is very lengthy involving multiple meetings with project designers. Projects which require 

Superside Pricing:

Supersize works on a subscription-based model. They have different subscription plans for different packages of creative services. Superside provides you with a rough quote breaking down each aspect of the project. 

This is done before the onset of any design project regarding the total expenditure.  

The pricing of the project can range from $4000 to $95,000 per month. The pricing is dependent on the complexity of the project, turnaround time and various aspects. 

Supersize doesn't charge an upfront cost for its services, instead, it charges you a monthly fee which covers all aspects of its services.

6. MVP Match

Helping companies innovate with elite remote development teams 

MVP Match helps companies foster innovation by building remote teams. MVP Match provides companies with end-to-end solutions focusing on the completion of the idea execution and opening the dancing final product. 

MVP Match works with a wide variety of industries and business domains. MVP match follows a rigorous screening process which ensures that top-notch tech talent is a part of their network.

Features of MVP Match:

  • MVP Match enlists a CXO-level professional from their network who translates your idea into a functional remote team, looks over the onboarding and ensures that your project is deployed successfully.
  • MVP match maintains an invite-only network of professionals wherein the minimum criteria is 8 years of professional experience.
  • MVP Match allows you to choose between team augmentation or a separate remote team for your project.

Pros of MVP Match:

  • MVP Match provides end-to-end remote team solutions by integrating elite tech experts within remote teams which work as a fully functional unit within your project.
  • MVP Match focuses on building a specialised team for specialised projects instead of focusing on general job search.

Cons of MVP Match:

  • MVP Match focuses on building teams and delivering results for short-term projects. Therefore MVP Match may not be the best Turing alternative, viable option for companies looking for long-term contracts with their remote teams.
  • The vetting process of MVP Match isn't public. However, they have stated that they utilise a patented vetting system known as AI-LogicBox. Since their vetting process isn't public it raises certain questions about the quality of their teams.

Pricing of MVP Match:

MVP Match doesn't have any upfront charges. It operates as a pay-as-you-go service where you are billed for the working hours of your team. To get a detailed quote about their pricing you can contact their customer support through their website.

If you feel Turing is expensive and isn't reliable for your projects we have provided you with a list of 6 alternative platforms to hire remote developers.

How Clanx can help you hire remote tech talent faster and easier than turing?

Refer companies, earn a share of ClanX’s fees.

If you’re still stuck in an analysis paralysis situation, let me introduce you to ClanX and help you understand why it’s the best Turing alternative platform to hire your next remote team. ClanX empowers growing businesses by helping them build and manage elite tech teams. 

Unlike other platforms that only offer full-time developers, ClanX gives you the flexibility to hire talent on a contract or freelance basis, depending on your needs. 

ClanX also has a rigorous vetting process that ensures you only get the best of the best from a global pool of software engineers, product designers, and product managers. 

ClanX takes care of everything from talent sourcing to interviewing, matching, and managing, so you can focus on your core business goals. 

Whether you need a single developer or a whole team, ClanX can help you find the perfect fit for your project. ClanX is the ultimate solution for hiring remote tech talent in 2024.

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