Top 6 Alternatives & Competitors to Gigster: Making an Informed Decision

Are you looking for the best platforms to hire remote software developers in 2024? In this blog post, we will review 6 of the best Gigster alternatives that offer high-quality talent, fast and easy hiring, competitive pricing, and flexible terms. Whether you need a web developer, a mobile developer, a data engineer, or any other IT specialist, these platforms can help you find the right fit for your project.

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Remote work has rapidly turned into the new normal transforming offices into virtual spaces with optimum productivity levels. Gigster rapidly positioned itself as one of the best solutions to build remote teams, but is it the best gigster alternative?

With a talent pool consisting of part-time talent resulting in major team changes within ongoing projects, Gigster shouldn’t be your go-to option to build your next remote team.

We have listed down the Gigster alternatives to help you make an expert decision on which platform to utilise for building your next remote team, and finding the best gigster alternative for your needs.

1. ClanX

ClanX empowers growing companies to discover, build, and effectively manage elite tech teams.

The process of outsourcing the software development is a difficult one. A smooth, clear procedure is required to produce efficient software. However, the current market is operating under a structure that is fundamentally flawed. The fact that 78% of SMEs and SMBs fail when it comes to producing software through outsourcing demonstrates this point.

World’s top companies use ClanX to build AI enabled products to transform their business — expertly executed in weeks, not months.

Drawbacks of existing outsourcing platforms:

  • Hidden fees
  • Poor communication
  • Low standards
  • Inexperienced developers
  • Consequences of outsourcing through these platforms:
  • Delays
  • Bugs
  • Errors
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Wasted time, money, and resources

As a result, software projects outsourced through these platforms frequently experience delays, defects, failures, and unhappiness. This wastes time, money, and resources for both clients and developers. ClanX solves this by linking world-class builders with businesses through cloud-based teams, making it a gigster alternative that delivers quality and satisfaction.

ClanX specializes in identifying the ideal personnel for your business, focusing on the necessary skill set for your project. This approach keeps your project's budget cost-effective while ensuring the use of curated talent. 

The platform provides a top-tier outsourcing experience for both clients and developers, positioning itself as a dependable gigster alternative. It hosts a network of competent, experienced, and thoroughly vetted developers. 

Additionally, a team of experts evaluates your project requirements to pair you with the most suitable developers. Operating as a cloud-based team, these professionals can work globally yet offer the interaction and collaboration akin to sharing an office, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Vetting process of ClanX:

Clanx is a platform that connects companies with top-tier software engineers, product designers, and product managers from around the world. To ensure the quality and reliability of the talent, Clanx has a rigorous vetting process for companies. The process involves the following steps:

  • Application: Companies fill out an online form with their basic information, project details, and talent needs.
  • Interview: Clanx contacts the companies to conduct a phone or video interview to understand their goals, expectations, and preferences.
  • Verification: Clanx verifies the companies’ identity, legitimacy, and reputation by checking their website, social media, and reviews.
  • Approval: Clanx approves the companies that meet their criteria and sends them a welcome email with instructions on how to use the platform.

ClanX talent acquisition strategy:

Clanx has an effective talent acquisition strategy that attracts and retains the best software engineers, product designers, and product managers from around the world. The strategy consists of the following elements:

  • Sourcing: Clanx uses various channels to source talent, such as referrals, online communities, job boards, and social media.
  • Screening: Clanx screens the talent based on their skills, experience, and portfolio by using online tests, assignments, and interviews.
  • Matching: Clanx matches the talent with the most suitable projects and teams based on their preferences, availability, and compatibility.
  • Supporting: Clanx supports the talent throughout the project lifecycle by providing project management tools, quality assurance, flexible engagement models, and support and consultation.

Features of ClanX:

  • Hiring is a simple, easy, and straightforward procedure. Simply tell us about your project requirements, and we'll identify the ideal fit for you in no time.
  • The hiring procedure was completed in less than 48 hours. Without any delays, paperwork, or problems, you may interview and hire the talent you want. We take care of everything.
  • A varied mix of top-tier tech personnel was recruited from MAANG firms and comparable organisations. Our developer pool comprises seasoned and professional developers that have worked with prominent technology companies as well as innovative startups.
  • There is no minimum initial investment or subscription retainer. There are no hidden costs, no long-term obligations, and no hazards.

Pros of ClanX:

  • A tailored strategy for hiring talent, in which the growth of companies and talent is prioritized by linking the right personnel with a specific skill set to relevant initiatives, making ClanX a gigster alternative that values talent development. 
  • A five-tiered verification process, as well as Silicon Valley-level behavior and technical exams, making ClanX a gigster alternative that ensures quality and reliability. These assessments not only examine technical ability but also the soft qualities of the candidate. 
  • ClanX places a premium on creating full-time employment and long-term work commitments between people and the firm, making it a gigster alternative that fosters trust and loyalty. 
  • ClanX primarily works on highly sophisticated technological and design projects spanning many sectors, such as software, machine learning, data analytics, and so on, making it a gigster alternative that can handle any challenge. 

Cons of ClanX:

  • ClanX refrains from including freshers within their talent pool. ClanX focuses on hiring tech professionals with prior work experience.
  • ClanX focuses on building long-term relationships between the talent and the client. They refrain from providing tech talent based on a pay-per-hour model.

Pricing of ClanX:

You can book a callback with a team advisor from ClanX by filling in your details and project specifications. The ClanX team will contact you and help you build your remote teams. 

The ClanX calculator provides you with an estimated expenditure of hiring from ClanX while comparing the costs with the traditional model of hiring.

2. Skipp

Skipp is a remote hiring platform that helps you hire remote developers within your team while handling the entire process from sourcing, and vetting to onboarding, making it a gigster alternative that simplifies remote hiring. 

Skipp ensures that you find the right fit of tech talent for your project within 7 days. The legal and administrative compliance issues associated with international hiring are handled by Skipp, making it a gigster alternative that takes care of the legalities. 

Features of Skipp:

  • Skipp gives you access to a global talent network consisting of pre-vetted professionals across 16 roles and 90 skills. They specialise in providing remote tech talent for roles such as software developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, etc, making it a gigster alternative that offers a wide range of skills.
  • Skipp provides you with functions to customise your hiring requirements according to your needs such as skills, time zones, geographical location, budget, and language proficiency, making it a gigster alternative that gives you more control and flexibility.
  • Skipp facilitates interviews with the best matches within 24 hours. They provide a risk-free trial with the tech talent allowing you to gauge your project compatibility with the talent, making it a gigster alternative that lets you try before you buy. 
  • Skipp provides a customer success manager along with tech talent who will streamline the entire project and manage its various aspects to ensure optimum output. Further, the manager will be responsible for ensuring productivity within the teams, making it a gigster alternative that supports you throughout the project.

Pros of Skipp:

  • Skipp helps you focus on core business objectives by handling the compliance aspect of international hiring, making it a gigster alternative that saves you time and money.
  • Skipp matching process is powered by AI which helps you find the specific candidate for your project within a short period, making it a gigster alternative that leverages technology and speed.
  • Skipp provides you with a real-time performance dashboard and a customer success manager ensuring the successful execution of your project, making it a gigster alternative that delivers quality and satisfaction.

Cons of Skipp:

According to certain users, Skipp charges hidden costs which aren't stated beforehand such as charges for using communication or collaboration tools and services. 

They also charge hefty fees for early termination of contracts. It's advised to read the fine print clearly before hiring from Skipp

Pricing of Skipp:

Skipp doesn't function with a fixed pricing model; instead, it provides you with a personal quote based on the custom specifications of your project. Skipp uses a pay-as-you-go model while charging its clients. 

Therefore you don't have to pay a subscription fee instead you are billed for the resources utilised by your project.

3. YouTeam

YouTeam is a network consisting of 50,000+ engineers sourced from different talent agencies across Latin America, and Europe and vetted by YouTeam, making it a gigster alternative that offers a large and diverse talent pool. 

They help you conduct the hiring process in a fast and efficient manner by sourcing candidates from a large talent pool which steadily increases your chances of finding the ideal developer for your project, making it a gigster alternative that saves you time and hassle.

After matching with your developer you can start integrating them within your team instantly because they have already been employed by the talent agencies which minimises a lot of back and forth around compliance, making it a gigster alternative that simplifies the legal aspects. 

YouTeam allows you to rapidly scale your teams by having no minimum time commitment or contracts which might slow you down, making it a gigster alternative that gives you more flexibility and scalability.

YouTeam follows a stringent process for vetting developers and talent agencies, making it a gigster alternative that ensures quality and reliability. Primarily they work with the best development agencies in the region. 

Secondly, YouTeam conducts coding tests and code reviews followed by a set of multiple tests which gauge the activity and the professionalism of the developer.

Features of YouTeam:

  • YouTeam matches you with developers who fit your project requirements within 48 hours.
  • The hiring process is transparent with no hidden costs or extra expenditure.
  • YouTeam assures quality service by constantly monitoring the quality of the work done by the remote engineers. They ensure that clients are satisfied with the output.

Pros of YouTeam:

  • Fair and flexible hiring process which delivers a list of shortlisted candidates for your project within 48 hours.
  • Seamless communication with developers in a transparent manner sans intermediaries or hidden charges.
  • Assurance of quality service since the engineers are independently vetted by YouTeam. Further monitoring constantly to assure quality.

Cons of YouTeam:

  • YouTeam has a limited choice of professionals for certain roles such as UX designer etc. wherein all agencies might not have enough professionals who are proficient with the skills.
  • Your project might end up with engineers from various agencies working within a single team. This might result in administrative hassles since multiple contacts have to be coordinated within a single project.

Pricing of YouTeam:

YouTeam claims to offer competitive pricing compared to hiring from local talent agencies or outsourcing platforms. The pricing of YouTeam varies based on multiple factors such as skills, experience and location of developers. 

YouTeam follows a service fee-based model wherein they charge a service fee to the client which covers all the expenses for services such as vetting, sourcing and support. The salary and service fee are agreed upon before the onset of the project which ensures a transparent process.

4. Teamway

Teamway helps you recruit top-tier tech talent for your project by sourcing remote engineers from a list of agencies. They allow you to hire tech talent and manage them according to your project specifications.

Teamway allows you to browse through the plethora of developer profiles across their platform by using various filters such as skills, and experience, conduct interviews with these professionals and on-board them directly for your project. 

You can also post your project requirements on Tramway and they will match you with developers who are the perfect fit for your project.

Teamway teams up with multiple agencies but conducts an independent vetting process to maintain the authenticity of the developer. The basic criteria to join Teamway is a minimum professional experience of three years. 

Further, they conduct an extensive profile check which is followed by tests which assess the technical prowess of the professional.

Features of Teamway:

  • Tramway is a gateway to a large talent pool of 10,000+ professionals across various roles possessing knowledge of different skills.
  • Quick, efficient process wherein candidates are shortlisted within 48 hours.

Pros of Teamway:

  • Rigorous vetting process which ensures the professional authenticity of the developer who's being hired.
  • Clients get access to a massive talent pool which gives them the freedom of choice to integrate the best developer from the talent pool within their project.

Cons of Teamway:

  • High fees and hidden charges
  • Limited talent pool and transparency
  • Poor customer service and support

Pricing of Teamway:

Teamway charges a monthly fee for each developer provided by them along with the salary. The fee is calculated at a rate of 15% of the total monthly salary of the developer.

5. Revelo

Revelo works with pre-vetted remote tech talent based in Latin America. Revelo follows a rigorous vetting process which ensures that certain standards are maintained within their talent pool. 

The extensive vetting process followed by Revelo consists of a combination of online assessments paired with video interviews which are utilised to review the technical and soft skills of the. Revelo reverts to the company with a list of shortlisted candidates matching their ideal developer profile within three days.

Features of Revelo:

  • Revelo is a gateway to a network of 300K tech talent with advanced English proficiency.
  • End-to-end talent management solutions which manage the legal and administrative compliance associated with hiring.
  • Revelo provides a 14-day no no-cost guarantee.

Pros of Revelo:

  • Revelo provides you with flexible options for hiring by providing professionals across various skill sets such as frontend, back-end and varying levels of seniority ranging from junior to senior.
  • Revelo helps you reduce administrative hassles and operational costs by managing the payroll, taxes and local compliance associated with hiring from Revelo.
  • The 14-day no-cost guarantee ensures that Revelo replaces the remote developer with no overhead costs in case it turns out to be a bad hire.

Cons of Revelo:

  • The overall UI of the app is clunky which turns it into a navigation hassle. This might result in problems while posting job requirements etc.
  • Some users have reported that Revelo teams consist of a lot of junior tech talent which results in the quality of the project being compromised.

Pricing of Revelo:

The pricing plans of Revelo vary based on the needs and specifications of your project. Revelo charges an upfront cost of $500 as a deposit which isn't refundable. Their hourly rates range around $50-$70 per hour. 

6. Howdy

Howdy helps companies connect with inaccessible tech talent within Latin American countries. Howdy provides you access to a network of developers who are product-oriented possessing professional experience across 100+ technologies. 

Howdy boasts a simple hiring process wherein you have to put in the job specifications on the Howdy app. This is followed by a matching process after which you start receiving profiles of ideal candidates. Now all you have to do is set up interviews with the candidates and integrate them within your teams. 

The candidates are vetted by a six-step rigorous vetting process which involves screening resumes, English assessment, technical skills assessment, proficiency with theory, and cultural fit interview followed by an onboarding interview.

Features of Howdy:

  • Howdy uses AI for faster and better sourcing of talent, screening interviews, and technical and soft skills assessments which ensures an optimum quality output.
  • Howdy helps you gain access to Latin American talent while ensuring that they are culturally fit. This ensures that they can seamlessly integrate within your product development teams.
  • Howdy handles local legal and administrative compliance ensuring that your team is legally compliant with international hiring regulations.
  • Howdy completes the overall process right from sourcing to integrating the remote developer within your team in 4-6 weeks

Pros of Howdy:

  • Howdy focuses on moving away from a software factory model approach to hiring. They are actively engaged in developing long-term productive work relationships with your developers.
  • Howdy helps you conduct an efficient hiring process by providing various features such as custom assessments, video interviews etc.

Cons of Howdy:

If you are specifically looking to hire elite professionals for your project then hiring from Howdy might disappoint you. Howdy lacks candidates with high experience across specialised skills.

Pricing of Howdy:

Howdy works based on a subscription-based model wherein you have to pay only for the hours the developer was engaged with your project. Further, you can cancel the subscription or pause it whenever you feel like it without any extra costs.

Howdy charges a service fee of 15% which is calculated over the hourly rate of the developer. The service fee of Howdy is an all-inclusive fee which covers the expense of vetting, matching and customer support.

Bottom Line

If you're concerned about the dependability of Gigster for assembling remote teams for your next project, you're not alone. While considering alternatives is always a good idea, it is critical to discover a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

ClanX is a platform designed to transform the way you build and manage remote tech teams.

ClanX understands the complexities and problems of remote team interactions, making it a gigster alternative that offers a holistic solution for developing and sustaining high-performing remote teams. 

Our method is founded on real-world insights and tried-and-true remote collaboration strategies. We’ve discovered that effective remote work is more than just connecting people; it’s about fostering an atmosphere in which collaboration thrives, creativity is liberated, and productivity soars, making it a gigster alternative that enhances your remote work experience.

Refer companies, earn a share of ClanX’s fees.

Our platform provides a one-of-a-kind combination of talent acquisition, project management tools, and team-building tactics, making it a gigster alternative that integrates all the aspects of remote team building. 

This integrated approach guarantees that your remote team is more than just a collection of individual workers but rather a cohesive one aligned with your business objectives. You’re not just recruiting remote developers when you work with ClanX; you’re developing a distant powerhouse, making it a gigster alternative that empowers your remote team. 

We help you in breaking down communication barriers, fostering an open collaboration culture, and realizing your team’s full potential.

If you’re ready to take your remote team to the next level, ClanX is the place to be.

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