Top 6 Alternatives & Competitors to CloudDevs: Making an Informed Decision

Are you looking for the best platforms to hire remote software developers in 2024? In this blog post, we will review six of the 6 best CloudDevs alternatives that offer high-quality talent, fast and easy hiring, competitive pricing, and flexible terms. Whether you need a web developer, a mobile developer, a data engineer, or any other IT specialist, these platforms can help you find the right fit for your project.

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CloudDevs has been gaining a lot of traction within the remote ecosystem as Turing 2.0 but is CloudDevs one of the best platforms for hiring remote tech talent?

Long wait times and CloudDevs are synonymous with each other. A limited talent pool is the reason why businesses have to wait for multiple weeks to find a qualified developer on CloudDevs. Due to its enormous wait times paired with bad customer support, businesses have started looking forward to different remote hiring platforms within the ecosystem.

If you are searching for CloudDevs alternatives to hire remote developers, you have reached your destination. This article lists down the alternatives of CloudDevs along with their specifications which will aid you in making an informed decision.

1. ClanX

Outsourcing is a business practice where a company hires external workers or agencies to perform certain tasks or projects that are not part of its core functions. It can help a company save costs, access specialized skills, increase efficiency, and focus on its core competencies. 

However, outsourcing is also a highly complex and challenging process, especially for organizations that need to hire talented workers for their technology and design projects. 

Some of the difficulties that organizations face when outsourcing are: finding and hiring the right talent, managing and communicating with the remote teams, ensuring the quality and security of the project, and dealing with legal, financial, and administrative issues. 

ClanX is a platform that helps organizations overcome these difficulties and build their next remote team with ease. ClanX offers a personalized approach to hiring talent, a rigid vetting process, full-time opportunities, and complex projects. 

It connects organizations with the best talent with the specific skill set they need for their project and helps them manage and grow their remote team. It also provides round-the-clock support and assistance to ensure the success of the project.

CloudDevs and ClanX are both platforms that help you hire and work with remote developers for your projects. 

However, ClanX has some advantages over CloudDevs that make it a better option for you.

Features of ClanX:

  • Working with professionals from around the world, like software engineers, product designers, and product managers, introduces a range of diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity can significantly enrich your project and offer varied perspectives and solutions.
  • Tailoring your team to fit your specific project needs and company culture is crucial. This involves selecting members based on their roles, skills, and personalities. A well-matched team is more likely to perform effectively and efficiently.
  • Utilizing advanced tools and platforms for project management helps in tracking progress, facilitating communication, and sharing feedback. Access to analytics and reports is also vital for monitoring project performance.
  • Ensuring the quality of deliverables is critical. This can be achieved through a rigorous vetting process of the talent and implementing quality control measures for all project deliverables.
  • Depending on your project and company needs, different engagement models such as short-term, long-term, or project-based, can be more suitable. The ability to scale your team and budget as per the project’s evolution offers much-needed flexibility.
  • Continuous support and expert consultation can help address any project challenges. It's also beneficial to receive guidance on best practices to ensure the success of your project.

World’s top companies use ClanX to build AI enabled products to transform their business — expertly executed in weeks, not months.

Pros of ClanX:

  • Why settle for less when you can work with the best? Our talent pool is composed of professionals who excel in their fields. They have been carefully selected and vetted by our experts. You can browse their portfolios and ratings to find the perfect fit for your project.
  • Why waste money on unnecessary expenses when you can hire global talent on demand? You only pay for what you need and what you get. There are no overhead costs, no benefits, and no training. You can also shop around and compare different rates and offers to find the best deal for your budget.
  • Why limit yourself to a fixed team size when you can scale up or down as you wish? You can hire one or more freelancers for any duration and any scope of work. You can also change your team composition as your project evolves. You have the freedom to adapt to any situation.
  • Why spend time on tedious tasks when you can outsource your project to global talent? You don’t have to waste hours searching, interviewing, and hiring in-house staff. You can find and hire qualified freelancers in minutes. 
  • You can also communicate and collaborate with them easily through our platform. You can focus on your core business while they take care of the rest.
  • Why stick to the same old ideas when you can tap into the diversity of our global talent pool? You can access talent from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. They can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your project. They can also help you reach new markets and audiences with their local knowledge and insights.

Cons of ClanX:

  • ClanX refrains from including freshers within their talent pool. ClanX focuses on hiring tech professionals with prior work experience.
  • ClanX focuses on building long-term relationships between the talent and the client. They refrain from providing tech talent based on a pay-per-hour model.

Pricing of ClanX:

You can book a callback with a team advisor from ClanX by filling in your details and project specifications. The ClanX team will contact you and help you build your remote teams. 

The ClanX calculator provides you with an estimated expenditure of hiring from ClanX while comparing the costs with the traditional model of hiring.

2. Skuad

Skuad combines the best talent management platforms with employment platforms and packages them within a single solution. Skuad is a global HR platform functional across 160+ countries. 

It helps companies discover talent and retain the best talent available globally while managing compliance, payroll employee benefits, etc.

The process of hiring from Skuad is very simple. A company has to sign up on Skuad and provide its project specifications. The talent experts at Skuad match you with developers well-suited to your specifications. 

Skuad arranges interviews with the shortlisted developers and hiring sends them locally compliant contracts. Skuad conducts vetting processes wherein they conduct a background check and a reference check of the developer. 

Skuad also conducts periodic performance reviews and feedback sessions which ensures that the talents are aware of their performance.

Features of Skuad:

  • Skuad allows companies to hire employees within minutes without going through the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries and various legal complexities associated with international hiring.
  • Skuad directly works with a network of local entities that are responsible for working out payroll compliance while offering the most optimal exchange rates for cross-border payments.
  • Skuad provides companies with a unified dashboard helping companies streamline their global HR operations.

Pros of Skuad:

  • Unlike other platforms, Skuad focuses on eliminating third parties while handling administrative or legal compliance. This approach helps companies speed up the hiring process while eliminating a lot of unnecessary paperwork 
  • Skuad has a 24/7 customer support team that provides you with guidance and assistance about hiring. Further, they have a dedicated customer success manager to help resolve your problems.
  • Skuad provides flexible payment plans supporting multiple payment options.

Cons of Skuad:

  • While hiring through Skuad, the entire process, from the screening of candidates to the negotiation of salaries, is directly outsourced. Skuad takes away your control over the entire hiring process
  • The talent pool of Skuad is restricted to the countries where Skuad is present. If you are looking forward to hiring from a diverse talent pool, then Skuad isn't your go-to option.

Pricing of Skuad:

Skuad provides various pricing plans based on your needs and specifications, which are as follows:

  • Global Contractor Payments: This is a free plan which allows you to hire and pay contractors globally but with the help of localized compliance and contracts.
  • Global Employment: This plan costs $199 per employee per month, which allows you to hire full-time employees anywhere, while Skuad manages payroll, benefits, etc.
  • Skuad Enterprise: This plan is customised for large businesses, and its cost depends on the needs and requirements of the business.

3. Amby

Amby helps companies address the challenges associated with hiring remote teams by offering swift, affordable solutions to hire remote talent. Amby claims that they can hire remote talent within 10 days. They charge no upfront fees. 

By focusing on tapping into a diverse and global talent pool, helping companies access new markets.

Amby follows a four-step vetting process. Candidates apply for a job by filling out the form and attaching their resume. This is followed by a skill-based assessment test which measures the abilities of the candidate. 

After clearing the assessment the candidate goes through a live video interview with the hiring manager of the project team. If the interview is successful, the candidate is integrated within the team.

Features of Amby:

  • Amby utilizes artificial intelligence to match candidates with the perfect jobs depending on skill sets, experience, and preferences.
  • The entire screening process is automated with the help of assessments and video interviews, which helps clients save time and resources.
  • Amby can be integrated within various tools such as Slack, G-mail, and Zapier which ensures streamlining of the hiring workflow.

Pros of Amby:

  • Amby leverages artificial intelligence to automate and optimize the hiring process, which results in reduced cost, high efficiency, and better quality.

Cons of Amby:

  • Amby is a new talent platform. Therefore while hiring from Amby, you might not have access to a large talent pool compared to established platforms.
  • Amby controls the overall screening process. You cannot maintain private communication with the shortlisted candidates outside of Amby. This hampers the rapport-building efforts with the candidates.

Pricing of Amby:

Amby operates based on a subscription-based model where companies pay a monthly fee depending on the number of hires. Amby doesn't charge any upfront fees; instead, it uses a monthly subscription-based model.

4. Remotebase

Remotebase is a platform that connects companies with the top 1% of remote software engineers, product designers, and product managers from around the world. 

Unlike clouddevs, which is a recruitment agency that charges high fees and takes a long time to find talent, Remotebase offers a fast, flexible, and affordable way to hire and manage remote teams. 

It has a rigorous vetting process, a custom team assembly, and a state-of-the-art project management tool that ensures the quality and efficiency of the projects. 

It also provides ongoing support and consultation to both the companies and the talent, ensuring a smooth and successful collaboration.

Features of Remotebase:

  • Vetting process: Remotebase has a strict vetting process that filters out the top 1% of developer talent based on their skills, experience, and portfolio. Remotebase also conducts technical and non-technical interviews to assess the developers’ communication, management, and work attitude.
  • Team assembly: Remotebase allows companies to build their own teams that match their project needs and company culture. The companies can specify the roles, skills, and personalities they want in their teams, and Remotebase will find the most suitable talent for them. The companies can also adjust their team size and composition as their project evolves.
  • Project management tool: Remotebase provides companies and talent with the latest tools and platforms to manage their projects efficiently. They can track the progress, communicate with their teams, and share feedback and files easily. They can also access reports and analytics to measure their project performance and outcomes.

Pros of Remotebase:

  • Speed: Remotebase can assemble a remote team within 24 hours, compared to clouddev, which can take weeks or months to find talent. Remotebase also has a large and growing pool of talent that can work on any tech stack and domain.
  • Flexibility: Remotebase offers flexible engagement models that suit different company needs. The companies can choose from short-term, long-term, or project-based engagements. They can also scale up or down their team and budget as their project changes.
  • Affordability: Remotebase has competitive and transparent pricing that saves companies up to 60% compared to clouddev. Remotebase also offers a free trial period and a money-back guarantee if the companies are not satisfied with the talent or the project.

Cons of Remotebase:

  • Time zone difference: Remotebase hires talent from around the world, which means that there might be a time zone difference between the companies and the talent. This can cause some challenges in communication and coordination, especially for urgent or complex projects.
  • Cultural difference: Remotebase hires talent from different backgrounds and cultures, which means that there might be some differences in work styles, expectations, and preferences. This can cause some misunderstandings or conflicts, especially for sensitive or personal projects.
  • Trust and security: Remotebase hires talent remotely, which means that the companies have to trust them with their data and information. This can pose some risks in terms of data privacy and security, especially for confidential or regulated projects.

Pricing for Remotebase:

Remotebase has competitive and transparent pricing that saves you up to 60% compared to cloud computing. You can hire developers, designers, and managers for only $25/hour, while clouddev charges $40/hour for the same roles. 

You can also pay weekly based on the actual hours worked by the talent, which is more convenient and fair than paying monthly based on the estimated hours by clouddev. 

Moreover, you can choose from various payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, which are more flexible and secure than CloudDev’s credit card-only option.

5. Bounties4

Bounties4 is a powerful remote hiring platform for businesses looking forward to reducing their hiring costs while improving the quality of the hire and increasing the hiring speed. Bounties4 conducts a vetting process after which professionals are a part of their network. 

Businesses can search for developers based on their specifications from the database of Bounties4, connect with them and integrate them within their teams. 

Bounties4 follows a simple workflow where companies post their projects and freelancers submit their proposals to complete the project.

Features of Bounties4:

  • Bounties4 has a database consisting of a large talent pool of 2 million verified freelancers all across the globe. The global talent pool helps businesses access a wide range of candidates.
  • Bounties4 follows a flexible hiring model where businesses can hire freelancers for long-term or short-term commitments based on their requirements.

Pros of Bounties4:

  • Bounties4 allows flexible hiring, which can be an advantage for companies looking for remote teams for short-term projects.
  • Bounties4 helps companies reduce hiring costs by eliminating the need for recruiters and helps speed up the hiring speed by screening and interviewing multiple candidates on behalf of the company.

Cons of Bounties4:

  • Bounties4 is a complex platform to navigate. Individuals using the platform for hiring for the first time will face multiple challenges while trying to understand the platform.
  • Some users have reported that Bounties4 doesn't have stable communication support. The lack of support will turn out to be a major challenge while conducting hiring.

Pricing of Bounties4:

Bounties4 charges a fee every time you post a bounty on the platform. The fee is calculated based on certain factors such as the complexity of the bounty, the time required to complete the bounty and the total number of freelancers who have submitted proposals for the bounty. 

The fee is around 10% to 20% of the total bounty amount.

Bounties4 charges certain additional fees such as payment processing fees and a dispute resolution fee for any dispute that is opened during the development process.

6. Brain Trust 

Brain Trust operates as a user-owned platform where the majority of the platform is in the hands of the talent. The process of hiring with Braintrust kick starts within 48 hours of posting a job opening on Braintrust. 

After posting the job opening various experts at Braintrust start matching you with relevant talent for your project. 

After reviewing the profiles of developers, companies proceed forward with interviews. BrainTrust provides assistance during the onboarding process by providing you with various guides and support teams to help you conduct the onboarding in a seamless manner.

Features of BrainTrust:

  • The vetting process of Braintrust is structured in a stringent manner that ensures that the best talents are a part of the network.
  • BrainTrust uses an efficient price discovery mechanism that allows the clients and the talent to negotiate and set the price depending on the market conditions.

Pros of Braintrust:

  • Braintrust uses an efficient price discovery system that is completely decentralized. There is no central authority setting the price rate. This process ensures that transparency is maintained within the system.
  • Braintrust has an active community of clients and talents who interact and help each other. The community helps individuals grow on a personal and professional scale.

Cons of Braintrust:

  • Braintrust doesn't offer a guarantee of having the top 3% talent on its platform, unlike certain competing platforms.

Pricing of Braintrust:

Braintrust operates with a simple pricing structure. The client has to pay a 15% fee on the total cost of the project. The entire pricing structure is designed in a simple and transparent manner.

Bottom Line

If you feel CloudDevs isn't reliable for building remote teams for your next project, we have provided you with a list of six alternative platforms to hire remote developers.

If you're having trouble deciding which platform to use to construct your remote team, let me introduce you to ClanX, a game-changer in this space. At ClanX, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with remote work, particularly in today's rapidly changing corporate scene. 

Our platform is more than just a tool; it's a whole ecosystem meant to empower your business by developing and managing top-tier tech teams from anywhere in the world. 

Refer companies, earn a share of ClanX’s fees.

What distinguishes ClanX is our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of developing firms. We don't just provide a list of remote specialists; we deliver a customised solution that fits your company's aims and culture. 

Furthermore, ClanX's platform is designed with flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in mind. We recognise that your needs change as your company expands. 

You're not just employing remote workers when you deal with ClanX; you're teaming with a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

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