Juned Khatri
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Land your dream engineering job with ChatGPT

Land Your Dream Engineering Job With ChatGPT, a course from ClanX, is a streamlined program designed for engineers. It includes four main modules: Resume Building with ChatGPT, Job Searching and Networking, Technical Interview Preparation, and Mastering Behavioral Interviews. This course equips engineers with ChatGPT techniques to excel in the tech job market.

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Land your dream engineering job with ChatGPT

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Self-Paced Course

Elevate your coding with AI - Join Mandar Sawant in mastering the art of prompt engineering.

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Hosted by
Juned Khatri
Prompt Engineering Expert | AVP Product at ClanX

What's inside

Dive into 45 interactive lessons across 3 power-packed modules, each tailored to transform your understanding of AI in coding. From basics to advanced prompt engineering techniques, this course is your roadmap to AI proficiency in web development.
Introduction to the course
01 lessons
0 hour 01 mins
Resume Building using ChatGPT
01 lessons
0 hour 05 mins
Behavioural Interview
01 lessons
0 hour 8mins
Closing Notes
01 lessons
0 hour 02mins

You’ll learn

For the curious ones and the hackers. You must enroll if you are:
Create standout resumes with AI enhancements.
Write effective cold emails and referrals with ChatGPT.
Master behavioral interviews, showcasing your personality.
Embrace continuous learning in engineering.
Build a supportive professional network.
Utilize ChatGPT for advanced job search strategies.
Prepare for technical interviews with ChatGPT's insights.
Grasp technical aspects specific to engineering roles.
Leverage AI to stay updated in the tech industry.
Establish yourself as a leading candidate in tech.

Who is this course for

This course is tailored for those in tech eager to leverage ChatGPT to land their dream job.
Junior Engineers starting their careers
Senior Engineers Advancing Careers
Tech Leaders Eyeing Strategic Roles


To take this course, you should know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These will help you get the most out of the course content.

Meet Your Instructor

Juned Khatri

Meet Juned Khatri, your course instructor. With a rich background in tech and a knack for helping others grow, Juned will guide you through this course with practical advice and insights. His experience and enthusiasm for AI and engineering make him the ideal mentor as you navigate the job market.

The ClanX Advantage

Experience responsive support, access high-impact projects, simplify your workflow, and connect with a vibrant community—all part of your ClanX journey

Sanjana Londhe

"Investing in ClanX was investing in myself. It's the best money I've ever spent. My tech skills have soared, and so has my value in the job market."

Hussain Lokhandwala

"I've been championing ClanX to all my friends. It's not just a course; it's a community where tech careers are made."

Anchit Vichare

"The support from ClanX? Incredible! It's the boost any aspiring tech professional needs. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Sharanya Gulwadi

"Every lesson with ClanX brought me closer to the cutting edge of tech. Now, I'm not just participating in the industry; I'm shaping it."

Sharanya Gulwadi

"Every lesson with ClanX brought me closer to the cutting edge of tech. Now, I'm not just participating in the industry; I'm shaping it."

Priti Mainkar

"ClanX took my theoretical knowledge and turned it into real-world expertise. My understanding of AI is now practical and profitable."

Kunal Waghmare

"Facing a tech degree without ClanX? I can't imagine it. They've made complex concepts crystal clear and my studies a success."

Manali Mange

"My career growth after ClanX's courses has been incredible. My salary has not just improved; it's doubled, and so has my confidence in my skills."

Deeepen Mavani

"Potential to performance – that's the ClanX effect. Their AI courses helped me turn my ideas into innovations that are reshaping my career."

Prakhar Dixit

"If you're in tech, ClanX isn't an option; it's a necessity."

Shravani Tople

"Post-ClanX, I'm a new breed of engineer. Their AI courses have boosted my productivity to levels I never thought I'd reach."

Harsh Haria

"The knowledge I've gained has set me leagues apart from my peers."

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ClanX’s AI-powered courses are a revolutionary way of learning that integrates advanced artificial intelligence technology into the curriculum. These courses focus on leveraging AI, particularly through prompt engineering, to enhance daily tasks in the tech industry. By learning how to effectively use AI tools, like ChatGPT and other AI models, students can significantly amplify their productivity—up to 100 times in some cases.

Our courses are designed for tech professionals across all levels, including frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, product managers, and product designers looking to integrate AI into their workflow and advance their careers.

Our curriculum focuses on practical AI tools and techniques that streamline your tasks, automate routine processes, and help you implement solutions faster, thus boosting productivity significantly.

 While we can't guarantee employment, our courses are tailored to improve your job prospects by teaching you in-demand AI skills that are highly sought after by employers in the tech industry.

Most courses require a basic understanding of tech concepts, but we also offer beginner-friendly courses. Specific prerequisites, if any, are listed on the course page.